1. Modena Wood Design Collection | Fresca Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

Modena Wood Design Collection | Fresca Porcelain Tile | 6.5x40

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Wood Tile Porcelain Fresca | 6.5x40
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The color palette of your home has always been very neutral: tans, creams, light blues. When it came time to replace the flooring in your living room, you decided that you wanted to do something a little more unexpected and interesting. On your search for the perfect flooring, you came across Fresca wood plank porcelain tile and immediately fell in love with it. The subtle green undertones in the wood planks have just enough color to make them interesting yet timeless and classic. Made from the finest technology in Italy, the simulated wood grain pattern so closely resembles hard wood that at first you didn't believe it was porcelain tile. Once you have your Fresca wood plank porcelain installed, you can't believe how much happier and brighter your home now looks.

Best Used For:

Wood Series Fresca wood plank porcelain tile is ideal for commercial uses such as restaurants, office buildings and boutiques because of it's high resistance to scratches and stains. It can also be used for residential purposes such as inside homes or on patio areas.

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