1. Astra Ambra Onyx Polished Porcelain Tile | 24x24

Astra Ambra Onyx Polished Porcelain Tile | 24x24

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Onyx Porcelain Tile 23x23 Astra Ambra
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Astra Ambra Onyx is a 24x24 porcelain tile. It has a polished shine that brings out the unique, wavy design and the beautiful infused colors that are incorporated on this tile. The wave of colors consist of grey to blue tones and salmon to light brown shades. The high variation of the waves create a movement in the tile that will be sure to satisfy the needs of any creative project. 

Best Used For: Astra Ambra Onyx is best applied as a floor and wall tile and in different settings such as restrooms and kitchen. The polished porcelain makes it a durable and easy-to-clean tile for outdoor use as well, but this tile does become slippery when wet, so the recommended use would be for indoors. 

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