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Basilica Star

Basilica Star

$9.75 each tile
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Product Number:2638
  • Type:Porcelain
  • Tile Size:7"x8" | 18x20 cm
  • Water Absorption:<0,5% BIa
  • MOHS:7
  • Resistance to Staining:5
  • Breaking of Rupture:>1300 N
  • Resistant to:Crazing, Thermal Shock, Chemical Products, Frost
  • High color Variation:Yes
  • PEI:4
  • Pieces/box:35
  • Sq ft/box:10.76
  • Country of Origin:Spain
  • Sold:By Piece

Order Sample
Order Deco Tile Sold By Piece
Basilica Star 7"x8" is a porcelain tile with a geometric shape of a hexagon. This tile has a unique design infused with vibrant colors. The combination of blue, white and orange makes this a tile that will be sure to stand out. The blue tile has a contrasting blue and white border leading the eye to the center  of the tile where a sunburst of orange grabs they eye. Within the sunburst is a blue flower with a crowning of a lighter shade of orange in the center of the blue flower. This tile will give your floors a villa-feel and with the unique design, it will bring out the creativity you are searching for in any room.

Best Used For: 
Basilica Star porcelain tile is best used for light commercial and residential use. It can be used indoors as a wall tile and a flooring option for any room. Basilica Star is also a great outdoor option for patios and other outdoor projects. Along with the Hexatile Cotto and other Basilica tiles, the combination creates a Spanish-Villa feel to either inside or outside of the home or commercial residence. Note: The tile does become slippery when wet.

Sold by piece.

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