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Basilica Uno

Basilica Uno

$9.75 each tile
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Product Number:2637
  • Type:Porcelain
  • Tile Size:7"x8" | 18x20 cm
  • Water Absorption:<0,5% BIa
  • MOHS:7
  • Resistance to Staining:5
  • Breaking of Rupture:>1300 N
  • Resistant to:Crazing, Thermal Shock, Chemical Products, Frost
  • High color Variation:Yes
  • PEI:4
  • Pieces/box:35
  • Sq ft/box:10.76
  • Country of Origin:Spain
  • Sold :By Piece

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Basilica Uno is a porcelain tile with the geometric shape of a hexagon. Uno is a unique design tile with red,white, blue and yellow colors. The design consists of a blue trim with a thin white border. In the middle is a blue grid with white squares and a yellow spot in the middle of the squares. Surrounding the grid is a white and blue ying and yang symbol and red diamond shapes. With the geometric shape, pattern options are endless. This tile will create an ambiance and movement that will welcome an open and creative vibe to any room or patio. 

Best Used For: 
Basilica Uno porcelain tile is best used for light commercial and residential use. It can be used indoors as a wall tile and a flooring option for any room. Basilica Uno is also a great outdoor option for patios and other outdoor projects. Along with the Hexatile Cotto and other Basilica tiles, the combination creates a Spanish-Villa feel to either inside or outside of the home or commercial residence. Note: The tile does become slippery when wet.

Sold by piece.

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