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Turquoise Crazed

Posted by Amber F on 10/7/2014
Turquoise is on the up and up as one of the home decor trends for 2014. I know that adding a color like Turquoise into the mix can be daunting to figure out; that is why I have provided some home decor inspiration for you!

Gorgeous New Wall Tiles

Posted by Amber F on 10/6/2014 to Decor Inspiration
I don’t think you guys are ready for the amount of amazing that is about to come your way!

6 Steps to Revamp Your Bathroom in One Day

Posted by Amber F on 10/5/2014 to More Than Floors
Is your bathroom constantly bringing your entire day down when you walk into it every morning? Not sure how to give your bathroom a luxurious revamp without the prices that come with luxury? Well worry no more! Here is a compiled list of simple, fun and more importantly, inexpensive modifications you can make to help bring up that drab bathroom that has been bringing you down.

What a Match! | Prestige Walnut Dining Room

Posted by Amber F on 10/3/2014 to More Than Floors
Polished Prestige Walnut has such a natural hardwood floor look to it, that you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s not wood!

Fun Front Doors

Posted by Amber F on 10/3/2014 to More Than Floors
There's no doubt about it- your home is a reflection of you! From the choices of knick-knacks displayed or furniture on the inside to your patio swing or succulent garden on the outside, the difference between a house and home is all in the way you make it your own.

Hardwood VS. Wood Plank Porcelain

Posted by Amber F on 10/1/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Hardwood flooring is a classic staple for many homes. From rustic cabins to contemporary spaces, hardwood is extremely versatile and matches an array of styles. When it comes to home decor, looking at both style and function is imperative when deciding on what flooring to choose. Your home will evolve and change along with your style and needs, so it is important to choose something both timeless and a reflection of your unique taste!

Contact Paper, My Windex.

Posted by Amber F on 9/29/2014 to More Than Floors
I've recently discovered contact paper and I'm in love. It's magical. It's removable. And it can solve many of your home decor dilemmas, especially if you're renting.

DIY: Zig Zag Plate

Posted by Amber F on 9/27/2014 to Decor Inspiration
This weekend I did a deep cleaning and complete redecoration of my bathroom. After almost two years of living with only a plain brown shower curtain and brown rug in there (we gravitate towards brown, evidently), it was definitely time.
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