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Unconventional (and Fabulous) Floors

Posted by Amber F on 9/25/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Without a doubt, I would say that my favorite kind of flooring is wood plank porcelain tile; it has all of the beauty of hardwood, but the durability and price tag of porcelain tile. In other words, perfect flooring if you want something beautiful...

Ten Closets to Swoon Over

Posted by Amber F on 9/23/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Whenever I daydream about the fabulous home I will own in the future, one of the first rooms I imagine is my closet...

Do you Have a Rustic Styled Home?

Posted by Amber F on 9/21/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Is your home filled with mason jars and old doors propped up against the wall for decoration?

A Breakable Lamp?

Posted by Amber F on 9/19/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Bitplay has come out with a lamp that will make clapper fans weep.... It's called the BANG! lamp, and it pretty much rules.

Get Crafty with Craft Paper

Posted by Amber F on 9/17/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Craft paper is something that a lot of people have and, unless you're an avid scrap-booker, it more than likely sits in a drawer gathering dust (or in my case on a book shelf). I say it's time to get that craft paper out and put it to good use! Below are six fun decorating ideas to give new life to your paper!

Clausterphobics: Enter at Your Own Risk!

Posted by Amber F on 9/13/2014 to More Than Floors
Polish architect Jakub Szczesny completed the world's narrowest house! Also known as the world's skinniest house, at only 4 feet wide, this baby in Warsaw, Poland is sure to quickly become the new nightmare for all clausterphobics (including myself... I'll never get over that time I got trapped in an elevator!).

Patterned Paint Rollers

Posted by Amber F on 9/11/2014 to Decor Inspiration
It's rare to come across a product that will change the way people design and craft, but ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found one such rarity! Let me introduce you to: The Patterned Paint Roller!

Things You Never Knew You Needed (Until Now!)

Posted by Amber F on 9/9/2014 to More Than Floors
Ever come across a product that you knew would change your life but that you had never thought to buy?
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