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Pink Bathroom: Love it or Leave it?

Posted by Amber F on 9/7/2014 to More Than Floors
This morning while searching my favorite design blogs, I came across a section dedicated to vintage pink bathrooms. You know the kind: designed in the 1940s-1960s, pink square tiles all over the walls, pink bathtub, pink sink, pink potty and maybe even some mosaic tiled pink floors.

These Rugs are Real Winners

Posted by Amber F on 9/5/2014 to Decor Inspiration
These rugs are real Winners, in more way than one! They're winners because, well, they're awesome, and they're also created by designer Sonya Winner. Sonya is a Hampstead, England based artist...

Healy's Happy Hardware

Posted by Amber F on 9/3/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Do your incoming guests begin to snooze at the sight of your door knocker? Do they fall asleep in the process of ringing your doorbell? Forever eliminate this problem by replacing your sleep inducing door knockers and ringers with fun, exciting ones!

Changing up your Personal Space

Posted by Amber F on 9/1/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Your bedroom should be your safe haven, your happy place, and a reflection of yourself (or of yourself and your partner if you're married / living together). If your bedroom is feeling a little less than lush these days, worry no more! Here are 10 easy, cost-efficient ways to vamp up your space.

Beautiful Backsplashes

Posted by Amber F on 8/30/2014 to Decor Inspiration
Is your kitchen backsplash looking a little bare? Does it's plain face stare at you and beg for decoration every time you're standing over the stove making dinner? If you're suffering from a depressing backsplash then you're at the right place! Here is a collection of 15 bombastic backsplashes collected to inspire you to get going on creating the amazing kitchen backsplash of your dreams!

Mind Blowing Mosaics

Posted by Amber F on 8/28/2014 to More Than Floors
Tile has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years, and no style more so than the mosaic. As a child, Jason Mecier would watch his grandmother paint and was inspired to bring to life creations of his own...

Porcelain vs. Travertine: Which Tile is Right for You?

Posted by Amber F on 8/27/2014 to All About Stone
Porcelain vs. Travertine: Which Tile is Right for You?
When considering tile for your home or business, it’s important to know the differences between porcelain and travertine tile in order to determine the best fit for you

Tile of the Day: Prestige Birch

Posted by Allen Tester on 10/29/2012 to Decor Inspiration
Feeding the birds that land in your backyard is one of your favorite things to do on Saturday mornings. As you watch them gather at the feeder from your kitchen window, you notice the morning sunlight reflecting across your Prestige Birch wood plank porcelain flooring. With the birds chirping in the background, the porcelain tile looks so much like wood that for a moment you imagine that you are out in the wilderness.
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