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Masia Cacao Crackle | 3x6

Masia Cacao Crackle | 3x6

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Product Number:2591
  • Water Absorption: >10%
  • Scratch Hardness MOHS: 4
  • Breaking Rupture: >600n
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Stain Resistant
  • Resistant to Chemical Products
  • Size: 3" x 6"
  • Pieces Per Box: 44 | 5.5 sq ft/box | 8 pieces is 1 sq ft

Order Sample
3x6 Wall Tile Crackle
Torello Crackle Lining 3/4x6
Quarter Round Crackle
London Ogee Crackle 2" x 6"

The first image featured is the Cacao Crackle 3x6 Field Tile. These tiles have an uneven edge, however, they do sit next to each other nicely. The brown color of the tiles matches closest to that of a creamed coffee, or a warm tan.  The brown color is a combination of the milky coffee and a warmer light brown. The two tones create a cloudlike, or misted, appearance on the face of the tile. From far away these tiles seem to have an underlying movement, but do not contain harsh or brash veins. The veins are thin, and offer continual movement when up close. The veins are not discolored; they are merely what you would see if a glass shattered, but the bottle did not fall apart. The veining pattern is different on each tile, but not noticeably enough that it takes away from the combined look of the tiles. The polished finish of the tiles creates a smooth touch and a sheen finish. These 3 x 6 field tiles are the perfect size to add to any commercial or residential installation. These tiles are ceramic.

The second image featured is the Quarter Round is 1 inch wide and 6 inches long and has the same finish and color as the 3x6 field tiles. With a slight bend in the tile, the Quarter Round tiles are almost identical to the Torello Lining pieces, however they seem to have been pinched. This pinched nature causes them to have a soft, less harsh, circle-shape; their rounded edges mimic that of the long side of an oval. Sold by piece. These tiles are ceramic.

The third image featured is the London Ogee 2x6 molding. With the same color and finish as the previous pieces, the London Ogee is the piece you need to complete the puzzle. This beautiful one-step ogee is exactly what you need to pull together your wall tiles when only tiling half way up. This London Ogee has the perfect amount of sheen and the single step that truly enhances the elegance this line offers. The larger round edge is 1 ½ inches wide and the smaller step is ½ inch. Sold by piece. These tiles are ceramic.

The final image featured is the Torello Lining ¾ x 6. The Torello Lining has the same finish and color as the 3x6 field tiles. The Torello Lining is ¾ inch wide and 6 inches long, matching perfectly with the Field tiles. These pieces have a half-circle appearance, which has a definite round appearance when placed next to a field tile. Sold by piece. These tiles are ceramic.

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