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Memory Decor Mix Gris

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Decor Memory Mix Gris 10"x30" is a grey wall tile. It has various designs making it a creative and unique tile. It has a matte finish which means it has a soft texture, but does not have a polished shine. When hit by the light it has a low sheen. The pattern design are small squares, with each of them having their own unique and creative design. Each of the small squares are inverted in the center. The protruding ridges of the squares create a movement in the tile, giving them more depth.

Best Used For:
Decor Memory Mix wall tile is best used for light commercial and residential use. It is a wall tile and with its unique decorative design on each square of the tile, it is perfect for any indoor room, outdoor patio and any commercial space. The grey color and unique designs bring professionalism and creativity to this tile.

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