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Desert Blend, Filed Honed 18x18 Travertine Discount Tile
Desert Blend, Filed Honed 18x18 Travertine Discount Tile

Desert Blend 18x18 Honed Travertine Tile

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Desert Blend, Filled Honed 18x18 Travertine
Product Number: 2070C
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* Desert Blend 18x18 1/2" Thick
* 150 pcs per pallet 337.5 sqft / pallet

Desert Blend Travertine (DISCOUNT TILE PRICES)

The desert is full of natural beauty, but we all know that sometimes it can be a little too hot for comfort. Bring the natural splendor of the desert to your home, (without the heat!), with Desert Blend travertine tile. Featuring rich shades of tan, cream and golden brown, this tile will warm your house with it's rustic radiance. It's honed surface gives the stone a natural aesthetic, while still feeling smooth to the touch. Be sure to seal this tile twice a year to ensure that it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Best Used For:

Desert Blend travertine tile is ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring, as well as kitchen counter tops and back splashes.

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