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Ecollection | 6x36 | Palm Wood Tile Porcelain

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Product Number:2837
  • Style:Wood Plank Porcelain
  • Size:6"x36"
  • PEI Rating:4
  • Coefficient of Friction:>0.6
  • Shade Variation:High
  • Finish:Matte
  • Tile Thickness:3/8"
  • Application:Flooring/Patio | Wall | Light Commercial & Residential | Exterior/Interior

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Everyone is always searching for the perfect flooring, but sometimes the perfect flooring is not in the budget, especially when it comes to wood flooring. Allow that feeling of disappointment to vanish for you wood flooring lovers as you search through our Ecollection. This 6x36 wood plank porcelain tile has a glazed and matte finish making it a perfect, and even better, substitute for wood flooring. This durable and affordable tile has all the aesthetic characteristics of wood flooring. Ecollection Palm is an elegant tile that has a light grain creating a beautiful variation for each unique tile. Infused with the light grain is a ocean blue body color with subtle hints of a lighter green shade creating a very beach house ambiance. This floor tile can be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

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