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Kauri Victoria Wood Plank Porcelain Tile | Polished | 8x48

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Product Number:2755-2
  • Product Type:Porcelain
  • Tile Finish:Polished
  • Tile Size:8x48
  • Country of Origin:Italy
  • Primary Colors:Blue | Grey
  • Water Absorption:ISO 10545-3 | ≤ 0,02 %
  • Abrasion Resistance:ISO 10545-6 | 117 mm3
  • Thermal Shock Resistance:ISO 10545-9 | Resistant
  • Frost Resistance:ISO 10545-12 | Frost Proof
  • Chemical Resistance:ISO 10545-13 | min. UB
  • Stain Resistance:ISO 10545-14 | min.4

Order Sample
Kauri Victoria is an 8x48 wood plank porcelain tile. Its polished shine enhances the wood's color in a way that can only be seen by the dark and light variations of blue and grey on the easy-to-clean tile. Along with its unique color and take on wood plank porcelain, this tile is also very durable and can be used indoors and outdoors. Kauri Victoria is a sleek wood plank and with its unique look it enhances the elegance from your typical wood plank tile. This smooth wood plank has grain in the appearance but does not have a grain texture.

Best Used For: Kauri Victoria is best applied as a floor tile in room settings and can also be used for restroom and kitchen use. It is best used indoors. It can be used outdoors but it does become slippery when wet so when being used outdoors it is recommended to use under a covered patio or area. 

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