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Rhombus White

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$12.87 | Various Pattern Options
Product Number: 2642
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Rhombus White 6x10 is a porcelain tile that has different variations. The color and shape are the same for all, but there are four different textures and patterns. One has a wavy, lace design on it. One has a white floral design. One has a zigzag pattern, and one has words pressed on it. The designs translate to the texture. You can feel the lace, the floral pattern, the zigzag formation, and the words on the tile.
Please note: These pieces cannot be separated and are sold as the Rhombus collection per square foot. These tiles are sold as is, regarding to pattern and color.

Best Used For: 
Rhombus White porcelain tile is best used for commercial and residential use. It can be used indoors as a wall tile and a flooring option for any room. Rhombus White is also a great outdoor option for patios and other outdoor projects. The matte finish makes a better option than a polished finish. The designs on the tile create tread which lower the risk of the slip factor. Note: The tile does become slippery when wet.

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