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Wood | 6.5x40 | Marrone Porcelain Tile

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Wood Series Marrone 6.5"x40" (16.5x100cm) is a wood plank porcelain floor tile. This Italian tile has a matte finish with a slight variation in its dark grain. The grain is subtle and allows the tile to keep its color, which is brown. Wood Series Marrone has all the elegance of wood flooring but without the bloated wood flooring price. Combining affordability and durability, Wood Series is the perfect option for someone who is looking to create an effortless and charming movement for any room. Use this for any remodeling or home improvement project and the Wood Series will be sure to enhance the sophistication of the project. Wood Series can be used for, but is not limited to, bedrooms, living rooms and restrooms in residential and light commercial settings. It is scratch, stain and fade resistant.

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