Go back to that first night where you remember thinking, ‘I know that I’m going to be in so much trouble for this.’ You knew you shouldn’t be sneaking out, but you couldn’t help it. You never broke the rules and you wanted to make a memory that would last forever. Your friend picked you up the street over, just to make sure no one saw you sneak out the back door. The drive felt like it took hours, when it really only rook minutes; with the adrenaline still pumping, you weren’t sure which way was up or down at the time. Running from the truck, you guys ran through some shrubs and pass a swing-set, all the way to the top of the biggest hill in town. You guys had got there just in time to watch the park lights click off and see the city lights create a small glow in the distance. Collapsing on the ground, you both laid down and looked up at the sky. Then you were lost, lost in the secrets that black sky held. How many people were wishing to the same star you were? How many romantics were hoping they were looking at the same star as their partner miles away? Sequined with small white specks and glistening gray ones, you wanted this moment never to end. Of course time goes on, and life must keep happening. That memory is one of the few times you “got away with it” and you cherish that memory every time you are able to see the stars glistening in the sky. Add Black Galaxy granite to your space and you will relive this memory every morning while you lean against your countertop enjoying your morning coffee; or while you’re in the bathroom, ending your day brushing your teeth and washing your face. There is no surprise why this Black Galaxy granite, from India, also goes by Star Galaxy.