Do you ever notice the lovely artworks on floors of old cathedrals, churches and palatial homes? They are unique and extra ordinarily placed that they tend to put a mark on our heads and inspire us to decorate our homes with the same materials. These artworks are actually created using Mosaic tiles. These tiles are made from putting together small pieces of glass, ceramic, colored stones, marble and other materials. The use of mosaic flooring tiles has been popular with decorative art as well as in interior decors because of the beautiful impact they give off.

Mosaic Tiles in History

The use of mosaic flooring tiles goes a long way back in history. It has been a popular option for decorating structures and even real estate. Mosaic tiles have been extensively used in Macedonian City of Greece during the 4th century BC. The demand for mosaic tiles still rose during the Roman Empire as it is used for interior decorative purposes. The largest Roman mosaic collection, the Mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is located in Sicily.

These days, Mosaic flooring tiles have different forms according to their use. The have become really popular in use in the household flooring tiles, road art, church and cathedral domes, wall paintings as well as in other buildings and structures. Preparation of mosaic differs according to how they will be used. An intense level of perfection is required especially in terms of craftsmanship and creativity. Every piece of material in making a mosaic is called tesserae and there are three major methods in creating a mosaic tile.

  •  Direct this method involves direct planting of the tesserae on a supporting surface. This method is best for simpler and smaller projects such as those in mirrors, pictures and tabletops.
  •  Indirect this method is for the larger mosaic tile projects where there are artists doing the separate preparation of mosaic tiles and then installing them in the actual location. This is done when doing fireplaces, walls, flooring tiles or bathroom splash backs.
  • Double Direct this is actually a modernized direct method of mosaic tiles creation. This process is used when there is a need to know what the final outcome of the building process will be.
Beauty and Versatility

Mosaic flooring tiles are very stylish, multipurpose and are durable. You can find different varieties of mosaic tiles in the market; they are available in every color, design and textures. By effectively using mosaic for your home flooring and interior decorations will give you timeless art in every part of your home.

Mosaic tiles are most peoples best choice for their bathrooms, kitchens and in their living rooms. They are also effective eye catchers when strategically used in your fireplaces. Mosaic flooring tiles can give you unlimited options for remodeling you home or your office. With a little creativity, mosaic flooring tiles allows you to create timeless floor or wall art comparable to those old churches and palatial homes in your very own place.