Whenever I daydream about the fabulous home I will own in the future, one of the first rooms I imagine is my closet... Or should I say dressing room (because yes, it's going to be a whole room... it's my dream!). My dream dressing room will have lots of bright light, tons of storage space, a chandelier (or two!) and numerous other sparkly things. And since it might be a while until my dream is realized, I'm satisfying my closet desires by looking at pictures of ultimate dream closets. Here are 10 inspiring spaces!


1Oh how I love the pink chandelier! And all of that shoe storage is wonderful (and necessary)! Via Pinterest




For those who need to see everything, glass doors are a great option. And I just love all of those jewelry hooks! (Except I would probably need an entire wall of them.) Via Lisa Adams Closet Design



3If you prefer a more streamlined modern look, this dark wood closet is perfect. Via Danenberg Design



4Sky blue walls and bright white furniture make this closet a relaxing osais. Via Jodi Foster Design + Planning


5Oh how I love a good jewelry storage solution! These drawers are the perfect solution for jewelry hoarders collectors, like myself. Via Pinterest



6I am so in love with these tufted end seats! Via Michelle Fullen Design Group




Even though the base of this closet is white, it's full of pops of color! (Again, I'm a sucker for the awesome jewelry storage!) Via Astleford Interiors




As a huge fan of eclectic decor, I can't not LOVE (yes, ALL CAPS!) this closet! It even contains leopard print, which I may or may not be addicted to. Via Elle



9Ultimate dream closet alert! I adore the boutique like arrangement of this closet; it's like you're shopping every day! Via Pinterest



10I can't do a post on closets without mentioning THE closet... Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City closet! It might not be the biggest, it's full of the most fabulous things! Via Pinterest


Which closet is your favorite? What elements MUST your dream closet contain?