These rugs are real Winners, in more way than one! They're winners because, well, they're awesome, and they're also created by designer Sonya Winner. Sonya is a Hampstead, England based artist who's vibrant and graphic rugs have captured the hearts of thousands, including the folks over at Better Homes & Gardens!  Her talent for color blending is what truly brings her designs to life; her rugs were even called "Matisse-like" by Style Bible Wallpaper magazine.

Sonya's designs caught fire in 2006 when her first rug, "The Kaleidoscope," was sold at The Aram Store, and shortly thereafter caught the eye of Elle Magazine. Working with colored tissue paper to some jazzy tunes, Sonya has produced rugs that are more than rugs; they are works of art. And the quality of her rugs cannot be beat; they're soft and durable, ensuring that they'll be enjoyed for years to come.

You can visit Sonya's online store here.

Below are 14 of my favorite Sonya Winner rugs from 4 different collections, enjoy!


















"After Matisse"

































"Rainbow Runner"
















"After the Rainbow"


















"Prism Pastels"



















"Bubbles Square"




"Deep Sunset"



















"Tree Trunk"





















"Puppy Love"



CHOOSE YOUR COLOR COLLECTION: This collection allows you to customize your rug to a color palate of your choosing!

"70s Circles"


































"Circle of Circles"


















"Japanese Flowers"

Aren't they all fabulous?! Which Sonya Winner rug would you sport in your home and where? My favorite is "Tree Trunk" and I would put it smack dab in the middle of my living room!