Tile that looks like wood, wood look tile, wood tile planks- What exactly is wood plank porcelain tile? Wood plank porcelain tile is tile that looks like wood but is made from porcelain. With wood plank porcelain tile, you can enjoy the beauty of a floor with a hard wood aesthetic, but with the easy care of porcelain tile. Because of the somewhat exhaustive maintenance required with hard wood floors, wood plank porcelain tiles have become a popular choice in homes today.



What is Wood Plank Porcelain?

As stated above, Wood Plank Porcelain are porcelain tiles made to recreate the look and feel of Hardwood Floors. Porcelain is created by compressing clay dust mixed with a water solution into tile molds and the result is a material that is much denser and tougher than the average ceramic tile. Because porcelain is man-made, there are endless styling options in terms of color, size, shape, etc., to make a beautiful tile that looks like wood. With all of these options, it will be easy for you to find the perfect wood plank porcelain for your home.



The Pros of Wood Plank Porcelain

1. Being man-made, WPP comes in endless color combinations and textured combinations. There are planks mimicking Redwood, Cherry, Bamboo, Oak, Walnut, Pine, Burch and the list continues. With endless colors, it makes it easy to find a product that works in your home.

2. Wood Plank Porcelain is relatively durable. Of course, being porcelain, if you drop a bowling ball from waist-high, your tiles with crack. However, WPP does much better against pet paws than Hardwood Flooring. If you have a pet you loves to scratch, WPP might be the better option for you over Hardwood Flooring.

3. WPP is easy to install! Creating the pattern might be the hardest part of tiling your build with WPP. These WPP tiles just need grout and a little hard-work and you’ve got yourself a beautiful floor.

4. Given these planks are porcelain, they have a very low absorbing capacity to moisture. Making these WPP perfect for any room of the house including the bathroom!



The Cons of Wood Plank Porcelain

1. Wood Plank Porcelain is colder to the touch and can be hard on your feet and body. If you are standing for long periods of time, your knees may start to ache! The same for waking up and putting your feet onto WPP in the mornings of Winter; you will be cold! Of course, adding a rug can break up these times.

2. Some Wood Plank Porcelain has a very glossy finish and barely any texture creating a slippery-when-wet scenario. Keep in mind the cheaper-made WPP you find, the more likely you will slip when wet!

3. With any tiles, you will have to deal with grout discoloration over time and commit to properly sealing your grout depending on how much use it gets. Grout lines in places with moisture need to have extra care paid attention to them.


Overall, Wood Plank Porcelain is an inexpensive alternative to Hardwood Flooring, while keeping the visual appeal hardwood offers.