Your bedroom should be your safe haven, your happy place, and a reflection of yourself (or of yourself and your partner if you're married / living together). If your bedroom is feeling a little less than lush these days, worry no more! Here are 10 easy, cost-efficient ways to vamp up your space.


1. Hang Affordable Art











Hanging art on your walls is a quick way to add color and personality to any room. Give a little love to a bare wall with one huge work of art, or cluster a bunch of medium and small size pieces together. Buying prints and framing them yourself is another great way to go that will leave both yourself and your wallet happy (I always find super interesting and fun frames at the TJ Maxx Homegoods store).

  • Good places to look for inexpensive artwork are TargetUrban Outfitters and your local flea market or swap meet. If you're feeling extra crafty, you can even make something yourself! The print featured above is from the CollageOrama store on Etsty, and I'm telling  you guys, it's seriously awesome. All of the prints in the shop are $7.99 and they're all amazing, (Did I mention there's a print of Benjamin Franklin riding a dinosaur? Yeah, you need to go check it out).


2. Paint  








Okay, I know this one is a little obvious, but it's often overlooked. White walls tend to make a room feel static and sterile, so go for bright colors if you're feeling bold, or neutrals for a softer feel. Even if you're renting an apartment or condo and don't want to have to repaint everything when you have to move out, you can paint an accent wall for less end of lease hassle.


3. Wall Decals









If you're dead set on avoiding paint, wall decals are the way to go; they add character to a room without making any permanent changes. Most are made of vinyl so they leave no mess once they're peeled off. The good thing about wall decals is that they're relatively inexpensive, so you can change them as often as you want!

  • The decals featured above are from the CherryWalls shop on Etsy. A great shop with tons of beautiful decals, you can find something there for every room of your house!


4. Change up your Bedding









Your bed is most likely the centerpiece of your room, and the first thing you see upon entering. Your bed takes up a large block of space, so use that to your advantage and invest in some bedding that matches the overall theme you would like your room to have.

  • The bedding pictured above is from West Elm.  Target also has a great selection of gorgeous bedding! (Or maybe I'm just biased because my own sheets are from there :))


5. Add a Statement Rug

Adding a bold rug to your room is an easy way to cover lots of plain space and make it interesting. As an added bonus, the rug will help prevent stains and scratches on your floors! (An every day battle if you're clumsy like me.)

  • The rug pictured above is from Ikea.


6. Interesting Light Fixtures

I'm totally dying over this chandelier right now... I need it!! Anyway, many of us have lamps that exist simply to function. Fun lighting fixtures are a great way to "light" up a room! (Ha!) Whether you choose a chandelier, table lamp or floor lamp, there are always interesting options available.

  • The lamp pictured above can be found at Urban Outfitters. Get your hands on one before I buy them all!


7. Curtains











Curtains add a quick and easy pop of color to any space. Even if you already have blinds on your windows, curtains still look great installed over them!

  • The curtains featured above are found on Amazon. (Hint: Amazon is a GREAT place to find curtains, the have tons of beautiful yet inexpensive options!)


8. Revamp your Bedroom Furniture 

If you want to change up your bedroom furniture but aren't a great sewer, (like me), then fabric spray paint is the way to go! I haven't used it (yet), but I've read tons of blogs of crafters who have and they all sing it's praises. My first thought was that the paint would dry crunchy, but all the reviews I've read claim it doesn't! Can't wait to test this out.

  • The brand of fabric paint featured above is "Tulip" and is found at Joann.


9. New Headboard

A headboard is your bed's hat... why not give it a beautiful one! There are tons of DIY headboard posts online, find one that inspires you and create beautiful things!

  • The headboard featured above is created from chalkboard paint, and the image was taken from Picklee. Check out Picklee's post on headboards if you need some ideas!


10. Accessories











Throw pillows, drawer knobs, picture frames, mirrors, clocks, book ends, vases... All of these things should add to your room's unique you-ness.

  • These chic bohemian lanterns are from Z Gallerie.

What things have you done to make your bedroom more exciting? Best wishes in your re-vamping journey and never miss a chance to add a little character to your room!