Christmas is right around the corner, and with it comes the competition of having the most original decorations on the block. If you’re like me and want to avoid the crowded stores and overpriced decorations, here are some great DIY ideas for the holidays.

Origami Christmas Trees – Homesick

kk_zps2e705613 (1)Take that paper from your printer and make a few of these to sit on a table, desk or nightstand.

Winter Wonderland Evergreen Trees – Tatertots and Jello

winter-wonderland-holiday-trees-at-tatertots-and-jelloThese Styrofoam-based trees are the perfect way to get someone to ask you “Hey, where did you get those?”

Rustic Snowflake Ornament – Organized Clutter

rusticsnowflakeEvery family loves homemade ornaments. Hang this one on your tree to break away from all the shiny red and green balls.

Snitches – Spicy Pinecone

snitchesSurprisingly, these are pretty easy to catch.

Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree – Mod Podge Rocks

yarntreesMore Styrofoam-based trees, but with yarn, these are sure to be within your budget.

Personalized Snow Globe – Slice of Southern Pie

snowglobeTake a family photo or a picture with someone you love and it can be turned into a beautiful decoration.

Clay Pot Nativity – Craftily Ever After

natvityThe original Christmas decoration gets a minimalism twist with this rendition of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

Olaf Sock Snowman – One Creative Mommy

olaf-sock-snowman-2Do you want to build a snowman? It’s easy, grab a sock and some cotton balls and read One Creative Mommy’s tutorial and you got yourself an Olaf!

Crayon Drip Holiday Ornaments – The Swell Designer

crayon-melt-ornaments-2No, these are not the Jackson Pollack Christmas ornament collection. These melted crayon ornaments will become the most artsy ornament on your tree!