It’s Friday! And. I. Am. So. Stoked! I start my vacation tomorrow and won’t be back until the 13th! We’re exploring the Grand Canyon and then headed to good ‘ole Arizona for my brother’s wedding! So to end this week on an exciting note, I have found my Friday 5 that I spent too much time reading and dwelling on this week.

1. Ban.Do Book Club by Ban.Do


Basically they took their inspiration board and made it into a book… And I want to do that! I can keep my inspiration with me wherever I go and I can always add to it.


2. How to Come up With Blog Post Ideas by clover + dot

Yea, yea, I know. ‘Another how to blog piece!?’ But really, you should give this one a quick read. While the blog post idea posts are always helpful to jog your imagination, Kate provides some “fool-proof” ways to get the creativity flowing without having an idea provided… Basically, coming up with your own ideas!


3. 20 Photography Tips and Tricks by A Beautiful Mess

6a00d8358081ff69e201a511f75595970c-800wiNow this post is even better than just providing you with 20 tips for better photography; it’s actually an article collecting the 20 best posts on how to take amazing pictures! So some of the articles have 5 tips, some have more; so you’re actually getting a photography education here… ALL in one blog post! I especially love it because they have tips for using your phone to take pics… Which I currently do!


4. Crochet Basics: Single, Half Double, and Slip Stitch by A Beautiful Mess 

Okay so this is another post from A Beautiful Mess, but I can’t help it! I want to learn to crochet and they have had really helpful posts on this topic the last few weeks! I’ve already arm-knitted a scarf for my friend and I’ve dabble in hand-embroidery, but I think I need to learn how to crochet too! The videos are easy to follow and she doesn’t go too fast while teaching. Seriously, just go check them out if you’re learning like me.


5. From the Designers of Fitbit, A Digital Tattoo Implanted Under Your skin by Mark Wilson, Fast Company

3036175-inline-i-4-from-the-designers-of-fitbit-a-digital-tattooNow this article seriously blew my mind. It sort of gave me the heebie-jeebies… The idea is this little device would only let your debit card working if you were holding it, or unlock your door as you turned the handle. I’m not sure what to make of this device, you can be the judge for yourself.